Did you win the pageant thing??

No- I didn’t. There were so many beautiful girls there with unique stories and I believe that the experience for me in the first place wasn’t about winning, but more about platforming my career, allowing me to meet more model/beautiful girls who will test shoot with me, networking and meeting other people in the industry, being about to get up on stage in a bikini in front of everyone- truly concurring any stage fear I may have had. I made so many friends and learned so many valuable lessons that in retrospect the crown seems minis-quell.

I am very very please with my performance and wouldn’t change a thing. I was able to come out in front of judges and say “hey I’m your modern day feminist lesbian”- and I felt proud. Being able to feel proud of who you are is such an incredible feeling. And honestly I’ve never felt more beautiful or alive as I did when I walked down that stage in my evening gown and heels and jewelry. Xx

I love your blog! :)

Thank you! :) :) :) I will check yours out as well!

Absolutely in awe of your beauty and everything I can see you've accomplished through this blog and when I saw you on the WA Lesbians page my jaw dropped. Hi, I'm Abbie. :)

Hi! I’m Drew! And yes I do run that page haha xx

Hello, I'm Hannah! You're lovely.

Why thank you! You are quite lovely yourself! :)

I felt in love with your tumblr-blog💕 .

Goooood 😁 that makes me happy!

You're absolutely, positively lovely. (:

Thank you! I really appreciate the positive vibes xx